Our Vision

We, as repository of learning resources in the University, envision ourselves to insure optimum access and delivery of information and provide scholarly resources and state-of-the art facilities in support of the academic units in a deregulated University by 2025.

Our Mission

The University Library support the Academic programs and advocacies of the university to strengthen and enhance the instruction, research, and community extension programs of the UST-Legazpi by promoting Intellectual growth and creativity, facilitating access to information resources, updating learning resources & services in accordance with local and international standards.

Our Objectives

• To engage the library personnel in spiritual, moral and emotional programs fostering a culture of charity borne out of gratitude;
• To promote among the library personnel work ethic in the spirit of service, collegiality, and solidarity;
• To promote health of mind and body among the library personnel through sustained wellness programs;
• To participate in social, political, economic, cultural and environmental advocacies and programs of the University;
• To assist the academic departments in developing the academic program for strategic partnerships and transformative education;
• To respond to the changing local and global opportunities and challenges;
• To provide library-related resources in working for local and international accreditations of academic programs;
• To involve library personnel in research;
• To engage the library personnel in community development & extension programs;
• To comply with the requirements of a university;
• To provide appropriate facilities and equipment that create an environment of independent study and learning;
• To improve access to information resources that support the academic programs and research;
• To contribute to the establishment of UST–Legazpi as the center for Bikol studies in research, language, culture and the arts;
• To engage the library personnel in quality management systems;
• To optimize talents of library personnel for self–development, communal welfare, and regional distinction;
• To ensure availability and sustainability of resources in the different programs through sound resource management; and
• To help with professional and support staff development.

Our Goals

• Provide access to information in all formats in order to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of its clientele.
• Updated, relevant collections, state-of the-art facilities, qualified and highly skilled Christ-centered personnel.
• CHED, DepED, PAASCU, PACUCOA, and LEB compliant.
• Improve user services and access to information.

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